How one neonatologist gambled on Vegas and won

“I was ambitious and wanted a busy environment,” said Serjun Andaya, MD, remembering back to his first position out of training at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas with Pediatrix Medical Group of Nevada, a MEDNAX affiliate. “I loved working there,” he said. Andaya was drawn to Sunrise Hospital, with the busiest NICU in the state and patients from all over the region. Sunrise offered this young, up-and-coming physician the opportunity to practice while also gaining leadership experience early in his career as Associate Program Director.

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Finding a voice: Succeeding with newborn hearing loss

When Windsor Altman was born more than two years ago, a Pediatrix newborn hearing screener tested the little girl’s hearing on her first day of life. Windsor did not pass the screen. Because Pediatrix performs the newborn hearing screen as soon as possible after birth, there was time for her to be rescreened at two days old before discharge from the hospital. Windsor did not pass the screen. Three weeks later, Windsor’s parents, Erica Lucci and Chris Altman, brought their daughter back to the hospital for a final screen as an outpatient.

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4 reasons to attend Innovations in Neonatal Care 2017

If you’re a newborn medicine specialist interested in cutting-edge therapies that are shaping the future of the specialty, consider attending Innovations in Neonatal Care, August 7-9, in Austin, Texas.

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4 questions to ask about your newborn hearing screen provider

A newborn hearing screen, performed shortly after birth, is essential to help identify babies at risk for hearing loss. Hospitals either use their own staff to perform screens or partner with a third-party provider, such as Pediatrix Newborn Hearing Screen Program, a MEDNAX affiliate. Because there is so much activity that occurs in the hospital after your baby is born, you may not even know the screen has been performed.

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Four benefits of including a midwife in your birthing plan

By JBBrewer
April 10, 2017

A midwife may be the perfect partner to help you through pregnancy. Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) offer a natural approach to low-risk childbirth. CNMS also have experience collaborating with OB/GYNs and maternal-fetal medicine specialists for high-risk cases. Northside Women's Specialists, an affiliate of MEDNAX, offers a range of OB/GYN and midwifery care in Atlanta and Alpharetta, Georgia.

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A hidden condition: What you should know about PFOs and their treatment

It’s fair to say James Thompson, MD, is an expert in patent foramen ovale (PFO) device implantation, having performed device closure procedures more than 1,000 times spanning nearly two decades. A pediatric cardiologist and medical director with Child Cardiology Associates, an affiliate of MEDNAX, in Fairfax, Virginia, Thompson has worked with the devices since their early years, practiced through the evolution of the procedure, successfully completed the device implantation an impressive number of times and — most importantly — has encountered and understands the rare complications.

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The future of care for adults with congenital heart disease

It may seem like a curious idea for adult patients to be seen by pediatric physicians, but this is relatively common for individuals living with congenital heart disease (CHD). As recently as just a few decades, the prognosis was poor for patients born with heart defects, and often they did not survive beyond childhood. However, thanks to medical advances, CHD patients are living longer and fuller lives, and cardiac training is evolving to meet the needs of these adult patients.

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Five things to know about infant hearing loss and treatment

For every 1,000 births in the United States, at least two to three infants will be born with hearing loss. It is often a hidden impairment and can have lifelong effects. Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) is a proactive and collaborative way of identifying infant hearing loss early, which allows families to establish the best courses of treatment for their children to foster speech and language development. All states now have EHDI programs, and roughly 97% of newborns are screened for hearing loss. Pediatrix Newborn Hearing Screen Program, an affiliate of MEDNAX, is a proud partner in this effort.


“The partnership between EDHI and Pediatrix has led to better awareness and outcomes for the patients we serve,” said Jonathan Siadman, Director of Operations for Pediatrix Newborn Hearing Screen Program. “Our goal, in conjunction with EHDI programs, is to assist parents in achieving the best speech and language outcomes for all infants.”

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5 reasons to register today for OB Challenges

Calling all obstetricians, family practitioners, nurse practitioners, obstetrical nurses, certified nurse midwives, MFM fellows, residents and medical students. Have you registered yet for the OB Challenges Conference 2017? Save $50 on the conference rate (for practicing professionals) by signing up no later than February 27, 2017.

The conference will be held April 6-8, in Glendale, Arizona.

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MEDNAX-affiliated anesthesiologist advises on Michigan Opioid Abuse Commission

As opioid abuse reaches an epidemic level in the United States, programs exist to treat addiction. However, MEDNAX-affiliated physician Roy G. Soto, MD, suggests a better resolution is prevention through education. As a member of the new Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Commission, he hopes to encourage providers to be more conservative when prescribing opioids and patients more restrained in their use. Soto represents Michigan’s medical schools as part of the state’s 21-member advisory commission of cross-disciplinary specialists.

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