Process improvement challenge puts lean principles into practice

October 11, 2017

Our "Values in Action" series celebrates individuals and teams across all of MEDNAX who are living the Values of our company.

Empower All

We raise the bar and learn from our experiences.
We embrace autonomy while recognizing and rewarding courageous determination.
We empower ourselves and our teams to achieve individual and organizational goals.

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MEDNAX Addressing Opioid Use and Abuse through Education, Advocacy and Research

America's opioid crisis has been declared a national emergency. In its letter to the President, the federal Opioid Commission stated: "With approximately 142 Americans dying every day [from a drug overdose], America is enduring a death toll equal to September 11th every three weeks." For its part in overcoming this epidemic, MEDNAX, a national health solutions partner with nearly 40 years of experience, is committed to addressing opioid-related disorders and opioid management through a multifaceted approach.

MEDNAX is fully aware of the effect opioid addiction has on maternal-fetal and neonatal medicine, as well as anesthesia and pain management care. In response to the cycle of opioid addiction - from maternal use to infant withdrawal - our comprehensive initiative includes advocacy efforts, research projects, a National Opioid Management Collaborative and various educational activities.

Our opioid-specific continuing education is available for free to clinical professionals within MEDNAX and outside of our company, and was inspired by MEDNAX's long history of treating patients on the continuum of care. Our company is an accredited provider of continuing medical and nursing education, hosting live conferences and webinars, and online education to support clinicians in a wide variety of areas.


About the education

Provided through The MEDNAX Center for Research, Education, Quality and Safety (CREQS), our webinars are unique in that they optimize multi-disciplinary fields to provide broad information access for clinicians. The fields of medicine will include maternal-fetal, anesthesiology and neonatology, with topics in epidemiology, screening and prevention.

Experts share current knowledge to help clinicians better understand what has led to this crisis, which is an important step in addressing specific and effective treatments. The webinars cover perinatal through postnatal care, including how opioids affect pregnancy, how opioid addiction affects pregnancy and Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. We also address pain management, such as proper prescribing of opioids and interdisciplinary outpatient chronic pain management.

Register for a live webinar

Opioid Portfolio Webinar Schedule


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Sickle cell and pregnancy: Know the facts

National Sickle Cell Awareness Month was developed to raise awareness about this inherited disorder that alters red blood cells, ultimately leading to a range of serious health complications. For women, sickle cell and pregnancy, is deemed high risk. But there is hope. Under the care of maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialists, many women are able to carry a child to term even with a sickle cell diagnosis. And through technology advances, genetic testing can help determine when babies are at risk for the disease themselves.

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Acknowledging achievements is central to Pediatrix Newborn Hearing Screen Program

Our “Values in Action” series celebrates individuals and teams across all of MEDNAX who are living the Values of our company.

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Small town Texas offers big benefits

Twenty years ago, Janet Hilsabeck, NNP, moved with her young children to Victoria, Texas. A lifelong resident of Oklahoma City, Hilsabeck was looking for a fresh start within a day’s drive from Oklahoma. “I had never even heard of Victoria, Texas, and I was nervous about fitting in at my new practice,” said Hilsabeck. “I had been with the same neonatologist since I was 18 years old.”

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Donor milk becomes a “breast is best” NICU option

For a critically ill infant, a completely human-based milk diet offers tremendous health benefits. That is why breast milk is highly encouraged by neonatologists treating premature babies. But physicians understand breastfeeding in the NICU may have additional challenges. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) agrees, releasing an updated policy statement this year speaking to the use and safety of donor milk in NICUs.

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Practice Improves Outcomes: Simulation’s role in modern health care

It is through practice that any human prepares for action. Simulation is a valuable tool that allows even experienced medical professionals to strengthen their abilities and preserve their existing skills. MEDNAX established its Simulation Program in January 2016 and currently provides training for anesthesia, neonatology and OB hospitalist service lines.

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10 summer safety tips

Summertime is here! That means vacations, picnics, pool time, trips to the shore, adventures and more. To keep the fun on track, check out these 10 summer safety tips.

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HRO program makes a commitment to patient safety

The CSA application is potentially available to all clinical staff member at the hundreds of medical facilities that MEDNAX has partnered with around the country to deliver outstanding patient care.  If your facility has a MEDNAX affiliated clinician on staff, please inquire about implementing a High Reliability Organization (HRO) patient safety initiative at your location, and to receive an invite to access this CSA application.   

For more information on how MEDNAX can help build and cultivate high reliability in your clinical organization and turn  your leaders into “HeROs", please contact us.

Our “Values in Action” series celebrates individuals and teams across all of MEDNAX who are living the Values of our company.

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How one neonatologist gambled on Vegas and won

“I was ambitious and wanted a busy environment,” said Serjun Andaya, MD, remembering back to his first position out of training at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas with Pediatrix Medical Group of Nevada, a MEDNAX affiliate. “I loved working there,” he said. Andaya was drawn to Sunrise Hospital, with the busiest NICU in the state and patients from all over the region. Sunrise offered this young, up-and-coming physician the opportunity to practice while also gaining leadership experience early in his career as Associate Program Director.

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