5 questions to ask before joining a new company

Posted by Stephanie Williams on Jul 7, 2020 4:43:06 PM
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In a world that is presently filled with unknowns, it’s interesting to note that employment for physicians is currently growing according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though the growth is encouraging, finding the opportune position can feel like a full-time job in itself. While an opportunity may look perfect on paper, there are a few questions you can (and should) ask during the interview process to ensure a good fit, both professionally and personally.

  1. What is the full compensation and benefits package?

This is a critical question that many candidates steer away from. But it’s important. As a physician, you have spent a lot of money to get to where you are and have patients that would consider your value priceless. Ask the salary question up front, including details such as sign-on bonus, tuition payment, or relocation package, to make sure you and your future practice are on the same page regarding compensation. Be prepared for an open discussion and to share your current salary and future expectations. Transparency will aid the discussion on both sides.

  1. How much time off will I earn?

Shift breakdown and on-call expectations are typically outlined in a job description and expected topics of conversation during an interview, but how much time are you allowed to take away from the practice? Time to rest and recharge is vital, so make sure you know what you’re provided. You want to work where the health and wellness of all team members is a primary focus of leadership.

  1. What is my growth potential?

Growth potential in your healthcare career is imperative. Not only do you want to know what the career trajectory looks like, but what tools the company will provide to get you there. This question can be tailored to dig into the areas that appeal to you the most and allow you to choose your path.

  1. What does the local community offer?

As with most things in life, location is key. Clinicians in specialty practice areas strive to be in hospitals and practices that will provide the most exposure to learning opportunities and mentorship. Location is also essential from a personal perspective. Every city has something unique to offer and it’s important to be near what’s important to you – whether that is family, unique learning opportunities, beaches, mountains, lakes, or another personal item. A national medical group offers locations nationwide to choose from and even allows you to move from one practice to another as your needs and life change.  

  1. Will I like my coworkers?

This is a common sentiment hidden behind a bold question. We know as a physician you need to respect and trust others that you’ll be working with. Seeking to understand if a practice is collegial, operates like a second family, and offers the dynamics you’re looking for is an essential component of the interview process.


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