Up close and personal: An interview with Ryan Wright, CRNA

Posted by Cheryl Cranick on Jan 25, 2017, 7:05:00 AM

National Anesthetist Week is an annual celebration recognizing the valuable role of the anesthetist. Each year, 43 million patients place their trust in more than 50,000 anesthetists and student anesthetists across the country. In honor of the MEDNAX family of more 1,800 anesthetists in 15 states, we are excited to profile several CRNAs whose dedication to their work inspire us. 

Ryan is a CRNA at American Anesthesiology of Florida in Delray Beach. He has been a CRNA for three and a half years.


Medical training

“I attended anesthesia school in Orlando, Florida, at Adventist University. My clinical experience occurred within a rather large anesthesia group.”


Inspiration to become a CRNA

“For four years, I was a registered nurse in a burn/trauma intensive care unit. I loved my job and worked with a great team, but I knew I was ready for a change. I wanted to learn, and anesthesia seemed to be a route that would provide the challenge I was looking for.”


Challenges and rewards

“The greatest challenge of my career is staying informed and current. With new technology, new medications, new studies and new techniques, it can be demanding to learn and adapt. The most rewarding part of my career is being part of a team that provides the best care possible.”

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Memorable experience

“I recently went on a mission trip to Guatemala, which was my first mission experience. Within a week’s time, we operated on 25 patients, both adult and pediatric cases. Everyone there was extremely grateful and appreciative of our services. It was a rewarding experience.”


Practice environment

“We work well as a team. It sounds simple, but it makes work feel less like work; it is enjoyable to be a part of such a cohesive group. Management makes us all feel appreciated. Our leaders verbally let us know every shift that we are valued.”

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