A crisis of humanity: A call to care

Posted by NDhanani on Jun 25, 2020 6:15:00 AM
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Nicolo Geralde, DO, is a neonatologist, father, husband and passionate advocate for equality. While the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and its deleterious health, economic and societal consequences, he brings the focus on how we as a global community can make an impact on racial injustice for our generation and future impressionable minds. Dr. Geralde’s call-to-action is a call to care.


1. Self-inventory

We can reflect on our own beliefs. Am I harboring ill will toward others that may be unfounded and partial? If so, how do I take steps to let it go?


2. Open dialogue with children

We can talk to our children as they are likely confused or scared about current events. Presenting the truth about inequality can empower them. We hope that when they are of age, they can also do the right thing.


3. Thought and action

We can channel any frustrated, angry or exasperated energy towards compassion, care and empathy for all of humanity. We can speak up, take action and express our intolerance of all inequalities in a constructive manner that will positively work for change.


4. Campaign for change

We can work in collaboration with our current local, state and federal officials. We can implore policymakers to focus on social reforms in a nonpartisan manner. We can advocate for increased resources to improve access to health care, employment and infrastructure in the more disadvantaged communities.


5. Work together 

We can work with law enforcement to ask for transparency, accountability and empathy during these tumultuous times. We can ask for comprehensive training in improving community relations, learning about the art of de-escalation of conflict and teaching cultural awareness.


Unknown-6“Do something,” says Dr. Geralde. “This is a call to care. We can start by acknowledging that discrimination and inequality are a health care dilemma and a crisis of humanity. We all belong to the race of humanity, and we should embrace it as best as we can, unencumbered by hate, disrespect and discrimination.”






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