Celebrating Women in Medicine Month

Posted by Jennifer Gutierrez on Sep 22, 2020 7:30:00 AM

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Each September, the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Women Physicians Section celebrates Women in Medicine Month to showcase the accomplishments of women physicians and highlight advocacy related to female physicians and health issues impacting women.

The face—and gender—of health care is undeniably changing. For the first time, women make up the majority of students in U.S. medical schools. In 2019, 46,878 medical school students (50.5%) were women and 45,855 (49.4%) were men, according to a report from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). While male doctors still outnumber female doctors in the medical profession, recent data gathered by the AMA and AAMC shows that females dominate the obstetrics and gynecology (83%) and pediatrics (72%) specialties.

As the nation’s leading provider of women’s and children’s health solutions, female clinicians play a vital role at MEDNAX. We are proud to have many talented and dedicated women providing compassionate, high-quality health care in key clinical and leadership positions across our national network. The distinctive backgrounds, inputs and perspectives of our female clinicians have also helped create a multicultural workforce that values diversity and inclusion.

We sat down with some of our female clinicians to get their take on what it means to be a woman in medicine today—the challenges they face and the unique contributions they bring to the field, as well as insights on how to best support fellow women clinicians and advice for women pursuing a career in health care. Many of the women shared similar sentiments, such as their innate ability to care for and connect with moms and babies, the difficulty of maintaining work/life balance as the primary caretaker of their families and the need for continued advancement and placement of women in leadership roles. All of which are things we as a company sincerely appreciate and champion.

Please join us as we shine a spotlight on our extraordinary female clinicians who continue to blaze new trails as integral contributors to the field of medicine. We celebrate you!



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