How Obstetrix Helps MFM Clinicians Build the Career They Envision

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Dr. Thomas J. Garite shares why he joined Obstetrix and why he encourages others to do the same.

As the former Professor and Chair of Obstetrics/Gynecology at the University of California, Irvine, looking to take the next step in my professional career, I was immediately attracted to Obstetrix Medical Group, an affiliate of MEDNAX. Obstetrix offered the opportunity to conduct collaborative multi-center research trials in a private practice setting – something that had never been done in obstetrics outside of the occasional single trials put together by ad hoc groups. 

Research Opportunities

At Obstetrix I saw freedom to choose research topics without having to compete for selection. Through MEDNAX’s Center for Research, Education, Quality and Safety (CREQS), the hassle and time it took to apply for funding through grants was no longer a factor, thus accelerating study startup time. The MEDNAX CREQS provided the tools and support that clinicians who are interested in clinical research need to build their own research infrastructure, enabling clinicians across the country to collaborate and find answers to important questions more quickly than other settings. Also, because of its lower overhead costs, faster start-up time and established infrastructure, I saw MEDNAX to be appealing to industries developing new diagnostics and therapeutics for obstetrics when compared to other companies.

Making an Impact

What I find gratifying is that after 15 years, all the reasons I chose the organization proved to be true, and remain so today. We have since published over 20 studies, many of which are multi-center randomized trials; a number of which made a real impact on the practice of obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine (MFM).

Career Considerations

When speaking with MFM clinicians about the next step in their careers, both those starting out and those established in the industry, I encourage them to consider the following about  MEDNAX and our affiliated companies:

MEDNAX takes the “hassle” out of running a private practice. Physicians early in their careers may not fully understand the time and expenses associated with the required committee work, keeping up with legislative changes and maintaining the infrastructure of a private practice, but they will soon find out. MEDNAX is well equipped to handle the administrative and legislative aspects of running a practice, and makes investments in both people and technology to ensure continued success.

Through MEDNAX, participating in clinical research couldn’t be easier, or more rewarding. Our clinicians have the opportunity to propose their own trials, and the MEDNAX CREQS provides a robust research infrastructure to help in areas including study design and posting, IRB submissions, case report form development, funding, statistician access, recruitment, access to research nurses, patient recruitment and access to established data collection and reporting systems.

The variety of clinical setting and location means MEDNAX offers something for just about everyone. Whether you are looking for a small practice, or a larger one with multiple locations, MEDNAX has it. We have practice locations across 18 states in both city and suburban areas. Most practices provide ambulatory services only –  meaning no night shifts and a better work/life balance. Some practices also have opportunities to work with and mentor residents and fellows.

An important factor when considering MEDNAX is the proven track record of our organization and the success of our practices. MEDNAX is a leading provider of maternal-fetal, newborn and pediatric subspecialty services for over 35 years, and has grown and evolved with the ever-changing health care industry to provide anesthesia and additional health-focused services. Many new practices can be volatile, and most don’t last a long time. Our established long-standing practices offer a much more stable opportunity for today’s MFM clinicians. 

A Gratifying Career

I, personally, have been very happy with my decision to join MEDNAX. I find the clinical and administrative infrastructure to be incredibly visionary. MEDNAX’s commitment to invest in clinical research and quality improvement initiatives without a profit motive, but with the intent of improving outcome for mothers and babies, is something I am proud to be a part of.


About Dr. Garite

Thomas J. Garite, MD, is the Director of Research and Education for Obstetrix Medical Group at the MEDNAX Center for Research, Education Quality and Safety. Some of his past roles and accomplishments include former president of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) and recipient of the Career Achievement Award from SMFM. He published over 200 articles and chapters, including over 135 original journal articles, and authored five text books. Dr. Garite remains actively engaged in clinical research through the coordination of multi-center trials. His areas of focus include intrapartum and antepartum fetal assessment through fetal heart rate monitoring, prematurity in general, premature rupture of membranes and the infectious etiology of prematurity and the management of labor.

Dr. Garite and other members of Obstetrix are attending the Society’s 37th Annual Pregnancy MeetingTM in Las Vegas. Visit Obstetrix, an Affiliate of MEDNAX, at booths 603/605 to learn more about us and how we can help you build the career you envision.

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