The 4 Things You Should Know About Being a MEDNAX Market Director

Posted by Audrey Carr on Dec 17, 2020 7:00:00 AM
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One word to describe Christine Beam is organized. A second—busy! As the Market Director for the Atlanta and Nashville regions, Christine assists and supports all the neonatology, pediatric hospitalist, pediatric ICU and newborn nursery practices in Atlanta, Georgia, plus maternal-fetal medicine, neonatology, pediatric hospitalist, pediatric ICU and additional pediatric subspecialties in Nashville, Tennessee.

Christine graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2001 with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She then moved to Atlanta with her husband and took a job as an emergency room scheduler, managing 15 to 20 emergency room schedules at a time. She was quickly identified as a young talent and showed a knack for quick thinking, problem-solving and the ability to balance multiple stressful projects at once. These skills led to the opportunity to move into an operations manager role. From there, she continued proving to be a strong leader and progressed into more and more leadership opportunities, ultimately leading her to MEDNAX in 2015.

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Back in August, Christine shared with us four key components of her role as a Market Director at MEDNAX.

  1. She goes through a lot of notebooks. And we mean a lot of notebooks. With all of the practices and clinicians she manages, Christine finds that keeping a notebook by her side allows her to keep track of her numerous projects. She even has a drawer in her desk that’s full of used notebooks from the last few years-- she estimates she goes through at least a notebook a quarter. Pulling out her current notebook, she laughs and says, “I started on this one at the end of May, and I’ve got maybe 10-15 pages left.” 
  2. Market directors work with almost every department at MEDNAX. From the practices themselves to Human Resources, Legal, and higher administration, Market Directors become like traffic control as they assist and direct people to the right resource. 
  3. The best moments on the job will come from the relationships built with others. Christine enjoys being hands-on with the practice teams and often participates in their fundraising events, like one practice’s fundraiser where 100% of the proceeds went to fund the NICView System which will allow families to monitor daily progress and care of their babies in the NICU.  Another aspect she enjoys is working directly with clinicians, mentioning an outreach program she’s working on with a recently hired doctor to help acquaint him with administration and the other practices in the area.
  4. Most importantly, her job is to make sure everyone is successful. From reviewing staffing models to managing finances, Christine’s job is to support her practices so they can provide the best patient care. “There isn’t a physician I work with that I wouldn’t send my family to or that I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending my child to see. They are all top-notch!” she says. “Knowing that I’m behind the scenes supporting them, assisting them with their success, and helping them resolve any issues that they have—that’s what gets me up in the morning.”

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